What is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Brand? Fasturtle Knows.

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Lately, it seems as if the whole world is busy on social media. News organizations, large corporations, governments, celebrities and millions of others spend a good portion of every day on social media. In order to ensure that your business, too, will be recognized there, it’s important to choose the social media platforms that work best for your brand.

How do you know which social media channels are the best brand strategy for you?

Local marketing experts suggest the following five social media outlets:

  • Facebook. Perhaps the most well known of all social media, Facebook leads the way when it comes to putting your brand out there. When using Facebook, you can choose what to look at and what you want to share with your target audience. Remember: Facebook is about getting your brand recognized by others; if you get sales from it, so much the better, but Facebook is about you being “social” with your followers. When talking about social media, you can correctly assume that most business people will be here above any other social platform.
  • Twitter. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is more like one, long on-going conversation. It’s great for breaking news or anything important that you want your customers to know about fast.
  • Pinterest. This platform works wonderfully for any business where “visual” comes to mind. Foodies, crafters, photography, travel, decorating and weddings do particularly well on Pinterest. As long as your images are first-class you should consider using this very powerful social media platform.
  • YouTube. If you have lots of information that is available on video, then YouTube might be for you. If you have products or features that you want to highlight, then by all means get a YouTube channel going and make your video’s unique and one-of-a-kind for the most followers.
  • LinkedIn. This platform grows your networking connections like no other. Consider LinkedIn to be your online rolodex. Here is where you find other business people like yourself, and there is a treasure-trove of knowledge you can gain from making contacts here. Here is where you can find local marketing experts as well as people worldwide.

Trying to gain a social media foothold on every platform is almost an impossible task. That’s why it’s imperative to know where to concentrate your attention. A good social media marketing agency will be able to assist you with this. Social media only works for you if you stay involved and engaged every day.

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