What Exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been around in various forms and under different names since the mid-1990s. With the dramatic changes taking place throughout the internet, SEO has changed accordingly, and it is more important than ever to understand SEO for small business owners, SEO for franchises and how SEO can impact marketing on social media.

One of the main factors that determines the visibility of pages on the internet, is a page’s SEO. Phoenix-based businesses, for example, can use SEO to attract business opportunities from the Phoenix area, but clever SEO can garner results locally and internationally, depending upon the scope and goals of your operation.

Whether performing SEO for franchises or SEO for small business owners, SEO specialists will use a range of techniques to enhance a website or webpage’s visibility in search engines’ unpaid results, which may also be referred to as natural or organic results. Generally speaking, having your webpage listed high up on the first page of search results and having your website appear numerous times within those results will result in more visits from the search engine’s users.

SEO and Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

The SEO specialist will be able to use their knowhow to provide the marketing strategist with practical advice. For example, the SEO specialist might recommend that SEO be combined with other internet marketing strategies such as paid advertising.

A good SEO specialist will have an understanding of internet user search trends and stay abreast of changes in technology, updates to search algorithms and new trends in internet search activity. When mobile search surpassed desktop search, for example, businesses with trend-following SEO specialists would have seen the rise of mobile search early. With such an early warning, many such businesses were able to ensure that technical and marketing departments were already working on or working with mobile ready platforms.

SEO can be performed with a knowing use of relevant keywords or keyphrases within pages or in the coding, unseen by viewers. It may also take the form of images and videos, and might involve the targeting of industry-specific vertical search engines. Modern SEO focuses less on keywords and keyphrases, however, as in identifying the habits and desires of potential customers – invaluable information for any business owner.

SEO and Data Analysis

A data analyst is likely to have the information on which of your business’ customers use search engines and this information will be of interest to the SEO person.

An SEO specialist will enhance your marketing effort with their in-depth knowledge and with the help of a data analysis or their own experience of data analysis, considering how different search engines work, what people search for (and what words or phrases they use), and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. A specialist in data analysis will be a boon to the team member responsible for SEO as the SEO specialist can incorporate the finding from data analysis into websites and webpages.

SEO and Social Media Management

SEO is an important part of marketing on social media. It can help significantly with the cultivation of links pointing to your content and by garnering shares and other interactions on social media. For this reason, SEO maintains strong ties with social media management.

Acquiring links and likes (or plus ones) from users of Google Plus, for example, helps determine the popularity and usefulness of that content in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Ranking well with Google is major factor in search engine optimization, not only because of its size and popularity, but because many other search engines are influenced by Google in determining their own results. Engaging on Google’s own interest-based social network, therefore, is one good way to improve results from search engines. Evidence supports that engagement with your brand on Google Plus is the major contributing factor influencing your search ranking on Google.

SEO specialists hone in on customer’s desires and behavior and use that information to attract leads, which is valuable information for the social media perspective, whether that is a person, a small team or an entire department.

SEO and Content Creation

Optimizing a website will certainly involve editing its existing content. Behind the scenes, the website’s HTML and associated coding will require work too, which ought to be carried out with the assistance of the technical specialist if you have one. Anyone with a good knowledge of SEO, however, will also have the ability to write in HTML as this is where a lot of SEO work takes place.

Content creation should definitely be carried out with SEO in mind. If these marketing perspectives are in fact two distinct roles within your digital marketing team, they should certainly work closely. The SEO specialist will be able to advise the content creator on the placement of relevant keywords and keyphrases and the frequency with which they could be used in order to net the benefits of ranking high with relevant search engines.

Words and phrases used in SEO target specific customers and their use by content creators allows them to really feel the pulse of your target audience and deliver them exactly what they need in a concise and targeted manner.

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