SEO Tips When Launching a New Brand

Launching a new brand along with a new custom website design in Scottsdale and other cities throughout the country is a huge undertaking. There is a seemingly endless amount of work that goes into numerous components of a new brand or rebrand before it is made available to the public.

The design of custom websites is usually the first thing that comes to mind for business owners when developing a brand, which makes sense because it is also the first thing that customers notice. While custom website design in Scottsdale is very important, there are other components that must be focused on. One of the most crucial programs for success when launching a brand is search engine optimization. For this reason, SEO keywords and SEO rankings should be a top priority.

The following is a list of SEO tips you should consider in order to most successfully launch a new brand:

  • Redirects. If you are rebranding and building a new custom website design in Scottsdale or another location, it is essential that you be aware of redirects. You want to make a smooth transition, and signal to Google that your new pages are of the same quality as the pages on your old site. This is accomplished by using 301 redirects. One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when moving to a new site is not properly redirecting. This leads to numerous 404 errors, meaning the page isn’t found, which very negatively impacts SEO rankings. In order to avoid a crisis situation for your SEO rankings, it is best to work with professionals specializing in search engine optimization in Scottsdale, or make use of an online program that shows every URL on your root domain, so you don’t miss anything. You can then analyze each of these URLs, and use 301 redirects to accurately send searchers to the pages of your new custom websites.
  • Sitemaps. If you are changing your URLs, it is important to note that your sitemaps will change as well. Sitemaps are important because they are the tool that search engines use to crawl and categorize the various pages of your custom websites. If launching a new website, you must create and submit a brand new sitemap for search engines. Depending on the website management system you are using, your sitemap may or may not be automatically created for you. Working with a company specializing in search engine optimization in Scottsdale can help you to make sure that your sitemap is accurately built and submitted, so you are able to maintain your SEO rankings.
  • Analytics. Before your custom websites launch, it is essential that you install an analytics program. This will help you to learn valuable information about customers and potential customers that are visiting your new website, such as the SEO keywords you are gaining rankings for, how long users are spending on the site and where users are clicking most to learn more. All of this information will help you to design the best possible program for search engine optimization in Scottsdale.
  • Keywords. SEO keyword lists should be created early on in the process of launching a new brand. Performing research for SEO keywords ahead of time will help you to really understand what it is that users will be searching for as is related to your brand, and will help you to create an entire online marketing plan that revolves around this. If you need help developing an SEO keyword list, enlist the help of a professional company specializing in search engine optimization in Scottsdale.

Taking the above SEO tips into consideration will help you to launch a new brand as smoothly as possible, and begin connecting with customers online.

While some business owners do prefer to do their entire brand launch themselves, many more turn to online marketing companies to help them with the job. At Fasturtle, an online marketing company specializing in custom websites and search engine optimization in Scottsdale, we have over a decade of experience successfully working with business owners across the country to launch new brands. To learn more about how we can help with your business, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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