Your client relationships took time and dedication to build, and they need constant work and attention to stay strong. That includes your digital marketing efforts, which should never be put on the back burner. Experts in web development and search engine optimization in Scottsdale know it can be hard for small businesses to stay on top of their marketing endeavors. Have you let marketing fall by the wayside? Here are 5 signs:

1. There’s Never Enough Time

Business owners do a lot in a day, and are generally short on time. If you consistently do not have enough hours in a day to uphold digital marketing strategies, it is time to speak with a professional web development company. They can help you stay on top of marketing efforts without sacrificing your daily obligations.

2. You Struggle to Keep a Regular Schedule

Every day is an obstacle course, and maintaining a regular email schedule is nearly impossible. Weekly emails become monthly, then once every few months, until you stop sending them out altogether. A custom website design firm in Scottsdale can fix this problem quickly and effectively.

3. New Contacts Are Not Becoming New Customers

You have no trouble getting people to join your email list but cannot seem to entice them to purchase products, visit stores, or even call to schedule an appointment. The right digital marketing tools not only contact people on your list, but also introduce them to your services and share best practices that demonstrate your skill set, provide case studies, and include details for scheduling consultations.

4. You’re Losing Touch With Existing Contacts

Another symptom of fading digital marketing strategies is the gradual loss of contact with current customers. This is typically due to changes in contact information, but may also indicate clients are looking for something different from your company. Re-engage contacts with emails that include updates on products and services, discounts and special offers, or interesting content such as videos and blog posts. A survey provides feedback and fresh ideas.

5. You Are Unable to Reward Loyal Customers

Your biggest supporters— the ones who introduce your products to friends, share your content on social media, and talk about your company to co-workers— need personal and meaningful rewards to remain loyal. Custom emails with useful tips, innovative ideas, and problem-solving information tailored to their interests keeps them on board.

With the right strategy from a professional web development firm like Fasturtle, you will be back on top of your digital marketing efforts faster than you can hit send. Call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online to learn more.