Social Media Advertising Hits Snag During National State of Emergency

March 23, 2020

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and with a pandemic such as COVID-19, businesses are being compelled to adapt to new practices at a rapid rate not previously seen thus far in the 21st century. As the United States is becoming increasingly more dependent on telecommuting and virtual business operations, some companies are finding it difficult to keep up with conventional business timelines.

Facebook Releases Update

As a digital marketing agency, we have kept a close eye on Phoenix’s social media trends. What we’ve learned today is that Facebook is not immune to the tribulations of the current times. Some of the biggest companies in corporate America are feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Facebook has released a statement addressing their usually swift and responsive social media ad approval process, acknowledging that shifting their contract workers responsible for ad approval to a work-from-home platform may have an effect on that systematic practice, likely causing delays.

Facebook’s Statement

Stay up-to-date with the state of Facebook’s ad review process and take note of their recommendations to minimize delays in getting your ad approved.

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