Still Using Adobe Flash on Your Website?

Flash is the foe of many a website for two main reasons: it is not spider-friendly and it is not supported by most mobile devices. Because of this, Google is ramping up its campaign against sites using the technology, which could impact your site’s traffic if you still use it. Here’s everything you need to know from Fasturtle, leading providers of custom website design in Scottsdale.

Warnings – When Google’s algorithms detect that a website is not supported by a device, they will issue a warning to users. For example, if you use an iOS or Android device and the search results show a listing for a site designed fully in Adobe Flash, this warning will appear: USES FLASH: MAY NOT WORK ON YOUR DEVICE. TRY ANYWAY | LEARN MORE

If this warning looks familiar, that’s because Google has already used it on mobile devices for faulty redirects.

(Note: devices that do support Flash come with the plug-in pre-installed; if you installed Flash manually, you are running it on an unsupported device).

Alternatives – Google is recommending you try HTML5 instead and upgrade your site to support it (a reputable web design services firm, like Fasturtle, can help). HTML5 is ideal because it is universally supported, sometimes exclusively, on modern mobile devices and desktop browsers alike. Google even launched two new resources to help webmasters upgrade properly:

  1. Web Fundamentals: this is a curated source for modern best practices
  2. Web Starter Kit: this is a framework that supports the Web Fundamentals best practices right out of the box

If you use Adobe Flash and have questions about its effect on your website, please contact Fasturtle today. We offer forward-thinking web design services that help clients stay relevant, informed, and ahead of the pack. If you need a custom website in Scottsdale, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online.

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