The Google Knowledge Graph

A project that has been long in development, the Knowledge Graph, has finally been launched by Google. This new tool seeks to reduce the work required by the user and provide more relevant information quicker.

Keywords, the words typed into search engines, are much more than mere words, they are people, places, practices and ideas that are related to other people, places, practices and ideas. Google is now able to identifying entities and relationships, and provide the most relevant content.

The information compiled by the Knowledge Graph is presented to the right of conventional search results, providing a short summary of the entity and then providing additional information related to the initial keyword. For example, a search for “Arizona” will result in:

  • a picture of the state
  • a short Wikipedia description of the state
  • a picture of the Arizona landscape
  • Senators
  • minimum wage
  • Secretary of State
  • Attorney general
  • Popular attractions

As of now, some entities with the same name (such as Andromeda being the Andromeda Galaxy, the TV show or the Swedish band), require user clarification, but with further development the knowledge graph is expected to be able to answer complex questions in search search results. With Google placing more emphasis on entities and relationships while moving away from basic keywords, the emphasis will be on social media to drive results, requiring all businesses establish a strong social presence. Call Fasturtle today at (480) 348-0467 or contact us online to learn how we can help your business with its website design, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media needs.

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