The Importance of a Strong Social Media Policy

Traditional websites were once all that was necessary to reach customers, but with the explosion of social media sites, consumer expectations have increased. Businesses today are expected to not only have a website, but also to be active on various online platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. While most businesses today have embraced social media marketing as a way to interact with customers and stay competitive, it is important to note that social media doesn’t come without its downfalls.

Businesses need to understand that social media is highly visible and reflects directly on brand image and credibility. One mistake made by an employee on a social media site can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people, leading to a public relations nightmare. As such, every small business should establish a companywide social media policy.

Having a social media marketing policy in place allows employees to know what is expected of them in regards to their use of social media, and helps the business to reduce their risk of a social media faux pas. Every business engaged in social media marketing would benefit from developing a small business social media policy and training program that addresses the following:

  • What you seek to achieve by establishing a social media marketing policy?
  • How you will enforce your social media marketing policy?
  • Which social media sites your business wants to use to connect with customers?
  • What business information employees are allowed to share on social media sites?
  • How you will monitor social media conversations?
  • Who will be responsible for posting and responding to comments on your social media sites?
  • What tone you will use to communicate your brand consistently across all social media channels?
  • How you will make and enforce changes to your social media policy in the future?
  • How you will handle a social media crisis should one ever occur?

While all businesses should be participating in small business social media marketing, it is very risky to do so without a social media marketing policy in place. The components listed above will help you to create a strong social media marketing policy that will be highly beneficial for your overall marketing efforts. If you are interested in creating a comprehensive campaign for social media marketing in Phoenix or another city, consider the online marketing experts at Fasturtle. We have the talent and experience to create social media strategies for you and your employees that will increase credibility and customer loyalty. For more information on social media marketing in Phoenix or any other area throughout the country, please call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.

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