Link building is a difficult and time consuming process that is typically used in campaigns for search engine optimization. While it is a lot of hard work, back linking is beneficial as it can significantly improve SEO keyword rankings in Phoenix, increasing exposure and targeted traffic.

Once you have committed yourself to link building, and have achieved a satisfactory level of backlinks, it is extremely important to remember that the job isn’t over. Backlinks require regular monitoring to ensure that you aren’t losing high numbers of links as time passes. When you lose a significant number of links over a short period of time, search engines receive negative signals as the algorithms are designed to sniff out low quality sites that may have acquired backlinks unnaturally in an attempt to quickly gain SEO benefits. For this reason, it is very important to monitor links that have been changed or removed, so you are able to act before search engines downgrade your SEO ranking.

One of the best ways to monitor your backlinks is by using automated tools, which can be conveniently placed on your desktop to notify you when a link has been changed or removed. Make sure that you choose a tool that checks links fairly regularly to ensure that your efforts for search engine optimization in Phoenix don’t go to waste. You can also check your backlinks manually, but this can become very time consuming and confusing if you have a high number of links. It is recommended that you use an automated tool if you have approximately 50 or more backlinks to monitor.

So, when monitoring your backlinks, what do you do if you notice a change? The changes that most affect your campaigns for search engine optimization in Phoenix are lost links, so it is important to find out if the link has been removed or if the page it was located on has been taken down. When you notice such a change, contact your link partner immediately to work out the situation, and avoid any potential SEO penalties.

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