The Importance of Responding to Comments

Running a blog is similar to running a business, and for many people the two are very connected. If you think of the comments section on each blog post as a place where your customers or clients can vent frustrations, get help, or join an interesting conversation, you can begin to see why its important to take part in your own comments section. Social blogging is not just a way to ensure your content quality is high, its also a way to build and maintain your brand. Youre sharing on social media, and comments from your readers are one way to get to know you.

Responding to Criticism and Negative Comments

You dont have to respond to every single comment, and even many negative comments dont need to be given much attention. You should know what people are saying in the comments, but unless someone has a very specific question or concern that it benefits you to address, leave it alone. The importance of maintaining content quality cant be overstated, so negative comments are important to read. But there will always be some complaints from people who will never be happy. Dont feed the trolls, it makes their complaints look valid even if theyre not.

Engaging in Conversation

Sharing on social media can be scary, especially when you post a particularly personal or controversial topic. But these are the posts that are going to get the most attention, so it really pays to share on social media. Comments may be hard to read at times, but thats part of social blogging. Dont let fear keep you from engaging in conversation with the people who really want to talk to you from a similar perspective. If you can engage your readers and let them know who you are and what your business is about, theyll become more loyal. You want to be heard, and so do your readers. So show them youre listening by responding to comments.

This is the Modern Day Phone Call

While not a precise analogy, if you think about comments as a kind of phone call from your audience, youll realize how important it is to respond. Its a way to keep content quality high and maintain your brand. If your readers know that youre the kind of brand that responds to comments, they know youre going to supply attentive customer support and that you arent some nameless, faceless, offshore entity that they dont understand.

Respond when it makes sense, give your readers thoughtful consideration, and use social blogging for what its worth. The community you create by sharing on social media will be dedicated and loyal.

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