Companies spend thousands of dollars each year designing and updating their websites. From choosing attractive colors and photos, designing logos, even adding in social media content and videos, these features are added to draw the customers’ eye. Unfortunately what many companies are failing to give appropriate attention to a crucial piece of the site: it’s written content.

While design elements such as colors, logos, and images are important, their emphasis should not be at the expense of clear and informative written content. The information provided on your website should tell people exactly why they need to hire you or buy your product.

Target Your Audience

Not every person who finds your site will necessarily need the information it provides, don’t try writing to the average searcher. When developing written content focus on your target audience. Writing to your “ideal customer” will help emphasize the information needed by a user of your product or service.

The more valuable information you provide, the more likely you are to turn a searcher into a customer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your site’s visibility through organic (unpaid) search results, however this is not to say you should only write for search engines. Web content should be written first to appeal to readers and then to search engines. By identifying and targeting keywords specific to your business and including them in your site it will rank more highly in search engine results, thus providing a stream of targeted and active visitors.
Set the Tone

When you are speaking to a customer directly it is easy to convey a specific tone representative of your company. When your message is written conveying tone can become more difficult. Don’t risk losing that tone in your written web content.

In all business communications it is important to maintain a uniform tone. Uniform does not mean mechanical, which may cause your customers to lose interest. A friendly and appealing tone will engage your customers and encourage them to both continue reading and remember and return to your site.

Fewer Bounces
Even the most actively engaged readers will likely only skim read through your information. The average reader may only read the first few words or sentences on your page.

Cover the bottom 80% of your screen, if the page information cannot be determined from the 20% that is still showing your visitors may be missing much of your message. By including attention grabbing, persuasive headlines you will continue to engage your reader and encourage them to take the next step in becoming a customer.

Content Counts

Engaging written website content should never be overlooked in favor of visual design aspects. Instead the design aspects should act as a compliment for informative, valuable content.

At Fasturtle our job is to provide you with both outstanding design and written content. We write to engage your readers as well as the search engines. Avoid losing potential customers by having web content that is unclear, grammatically incorrect, wordy, or cannot be found. Good written content on your website ensures that your readers understand your company and how you can help them.

You don’t need a lot of words, just the right words.