The Resurgence of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are a combination of three or more search terms that are more specific to the product or service than one or two search terms alone. Traditionally, long-tail keywords have not been as popular a choice in search engine programs in Phoenix as they have less search volume than more basic keywords. While this is true, those businesses that include long-tail keywords in their search engine optimization programs enjoy some huge benefits.

Long-tail keywords are a powerful tool and are becoming significantly more important to SEO rankings in Scottsdale and other cities around the world due to today’s media landscape. For example, Google, the number one most used search engine in the nation, is increasingly becoming known as a source to ask a question and immediately receive an answer. Search has changed from just providing a list of resources that may or not be helpful in providing a solution to actually giving users a straight forward answer. As such, more people are typing actual questions into the search bar and are expecting an answer, which is making long-tail keywords even more important to search engine optimization programs.

The following are a couple benefits that you can receive by including long-tail keywords in your search engine programs in Phoenix:

• Less Competition. More basic keywords that are heavily searched by users tend to be extremely competitive. Every business in your industry, including large corporations, is using them in their search engine optimization programs to try and reach customers, which actually makes it more difficult to do so. When you use only basic keywords in your search engine optimization programs, there is a higher chance of your website not gaining in SEO rankings in Scottsdale and other cities around the country. This means that your website may not even be seen. While SEO rankings in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area are important, in many cases it is a better strategy to try and rank for more specific long-tail keywords than to go after the more competitive, basic keywords.

• Increase conversions. Long-tail keywords offer search engine optimization programs the ability to better target an audience that is looking for their specific products or services. Businesses that use more basic keywords in their search engine programs in Phoenix face a huge amount of competition, as reviewed above, and often don’t receive a return on investment because their business isn’t relevant to what the user may be searching for. Long-tail keywords are very relevant because those users that type in these keywords are often looking for a specific product or service, which your business offers. When a user is able to quickly find a solution to their problem, they are more likely to be converted from a visitor to a customer. For this reason, long-tail keywords are a great opportunity for businesses to reach their markets.

Long-tail keywords are very beneficial for businesses because they are less competitive and bring in more targeted visitors, which increases on-page metrics and conversion rates. At Fasturtle, a Phoenix area online marketing company, our experts have over a decade of experience developing search engine programs in Phoenix and other cities throughout the nation. We have worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries to develop specific keywords, which increase exposure and targeted traffic. If you are interested in developing a search engine optimization program and increasing SEO rankings in Scottsdale or another city, our online marketing professionals would be more than happy to help. For more information on search engine programs in Phoenix, please call Fasturtle today at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online(