Have questions about SEO? You’re not alone. As the search engine marketing experts in Scottsdale, we at Fasturtle have compiled a quick rundown reference for the 5 most frequently asked SEO questions we hear:

1. We have the same content on two different URLs – Do search engines realize it’s the same page?

Usually the answer is no. Search engines are not sophisticated enough to know your preference for these URLs—you want them treated the same or one page to rank over the other. It becomes your company’s duty (or that of your online marketing team in Scottsdale) to clearly map out which page you want the engines to rank and then point the secondary URL to that page.

2. We are recycling content on our other webpage. Does that count as duplicate content?

Yes, any content you are using for targeted search should be unique from other competitors as well as your own web content. Repurposing your original content  makes for a simple, yet effective search engine technique by cutting down on the likelihood that search engines will be confused as to which is the most applicable version.

3. What is the ideal keyword density to use when optimizing a web page?

Unfortunately when it comes to keyword density there is no clear-cut answer, mainly because more than just keyword density is required to truly optimize a web page. Rather than focus on keyword density, a company’s search engine techniques should concentrate more so on where the keywords appear. For instance, placing keywords in Meta descriptions, H1 tags and titles will ensure each page has a coherent theme and ranks better.

4. How should we implement redirects?

There are some fairly basic rules that manage redirects and several ways you can mismanage a redirect, getting yourself into trouble with search engines. The most search engine friendly technique is known as a 301 redirect. This works well for reorganizing your site or when a new page is added that addresses the same theme as an old page. A 404 error page is a good way to “kill” a page that is no longer needed.

5. How does our mobile site affect the SEO of the main site?

There are a lot of variables to consider with this question. Usually, users searching from a mobile device will have different end results in mind then users searching from a desktop, this can directly impact your mobile and main site SEO. The first question to ask your SEO programs expert in Scottsdale is: should we be using a separate mobile website, a responsive site, or a more customized approach?  Based on your specific situation and target audience, your SEO programs expert in Scottsdale should help point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO program in Scottsdale or to learn more about search engine techniques, the experts at Fasturtle can help. Give our online marketing gurus a call (888) 468-8785 or contact us online to learn more.