You are probably used to being judged by the company you keep in the outside world. If you hang out with a powerful CEO, people will think you are powerful. If you hang out with a criminal, people might assume that you break the law. You are not just judged in your offline life. Search engines also judge you by the company you keep. If high quality sites link into your website, search engines like Google show you more respect. If low quality sites link in to your site, you lose some of the search engine’s respect. That loss of respect translates into lower search rankings. Keep that in mind when developing a strategy for SEO in Phoenix.
How it Works
Whenever someone conducts a search online, the search engines use an algorithm to decide which sites should come up first. Links are part of that algorithm. Simply having lots of links is not enough to score a good ranking. Search engines actually examine each website that provides a link. High quality, relevant sites provide high quality links. These links boost sites up in the search results. Low quality links do not help sites move up in the rankings.
Quality is Key
In the past, search engines put the same value on all links, regardless of their quality. This made it easy for businesses to manipulate their strategies for SEO in Phoenix. They could trade links or buy them from other websites. Then, they could get hundreds of new links each week. That allowed them to move up in the rankings quickly.
This manipulation caused search engines like Google to rethink their algorithm. They started to put weight on the quality of the site linking in so companies could not manipulate the results any longer. They have to work for their links.
Added Bonus
When a company includes quality link building in their strategy for SEO in Phoenix, potential customers take notice. Customers view these links as referrals. Many customers find websites because of these links. That is a huge benefit to businesses.
A strong link building campaign is the backbone of a solid strategy for SEO in Phoenix. Without a good link building strategy, websites cannot move up in the rankings. Take your time to get quality links so you can make the search engines happy and put your website in front of your customers. This is the best way to get long-term results.