While many small businesses optimize their websites for search engine optimization, a significant percent fail to optimize for image search. In order to draw more traffic back to your website, it is important that you optimize your images, and size them properly to improve both load times and page speed.

The following is a list of image optimization tips from top SEO companies that will help your business to achieve search engine optimization success:

  • Unique Images. Search engines don’t like to apply rankings to images that can be found on numerous sites across the web, so it is best that you avoid stock photos. Instead, place images throughout your website that are completely unique to your specific business.
  • Image Names. In order for search engines to understand the content of your images, it is important that you give them proper names. By naming each image throughout your site, you will increase your chances of receiving a high search engine optimization ranking.
  • Alt Tags. Alt tags are used to describe the content of images if for some reason they are not available for viewing. When writing alt tag text, companies specializing in digital marketing in Scottsdale aim to keep it short and sweet. The goal for most SEO consultants in Scottsdale is to use between four and six words, at a maximum of 125 characters, to accurately describe the content of an image. Search engines do take alt tags into consideration for image rankings, so you should always include them on your website.
  • Title Tags. According to search engines, alt tags should work in conjunction with other tags, such as title tags, in order to provide users with the best possible experience. With the use of title tags, a caption appears when the mouse cursor hovers over an image. This can be beneficial for users as it provides them with textual information to supplement the image.
  • Page Copy. For search engine optimization purposes, images should be included only on pages throughout your site that include relevant text copy. If you place images on a page with little to no content, they are significantly less likely to achieve a worthy ranking. For this reason, you should work with top SEO companies to incorporate images organically as this will help you to best achieve authority and rankings from search engines.
  • Schema. Using a schema markup, businesses are able to provide search engines with much more specific information about various components of their site, including images. This information can include such image information as date, location and additional descriptive text. Many businesses fail to include schema in their search engine strategy, which you should see as an opportunity. By working with a company specializing in digital marketing in Scottsdale, you can use schema markup to make your site stand out to search engines, improving your search engine optimization and rankings.

Taking the above points into consideration will help you to create a solid search engine optimization strategy for images used throughout your small business website.

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