Fasturtle® Interactive, LLC is excited to announce that on July 8, 2010 our client Cool-It Caddy was featured on MSNBC’S, Today Show as part of “Beat the heat, Beauty Minute Buzz.” The style editor, Bobbie Thomas shared her “cool new find on this segment “Bobbies Buzz.” One of the services Fasturtle® provides is Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as SEO. Thus, for Cool-It caddy, this marketing solution lead to an on-air feature on this popular segment, reaching millions of people, directly lead from their ability to be found online.

“Because of the SEO you are doing for us we just Tuesday got two calls in the same day from NBC and a local LA TV station that found us not from our PR but from searching the web. I am excited to say the least. We will be on MSNBC’s Today Show tomorrow!”

–Deborah Vinci, President, Cool-it Caddy, by Vinci Designs, LLC.

Cool-it Caddy’s featured product; the “grab and go” clutch bag, conveniently travels with you in high temperatures keeping your costly beauty or health care products protected from “heat meltdown”. The Cool-it Caddy™ concept came about when founder, Deborah Vinci, was golfing in the summer heat and went to re-apply a lip protective product only to have a large chunk come off onto her lips. She began the process of designing a bag that outdoor enthusiasts could use to safely store heat sensitive products (cosmetics, health care items, protein bars, etc). Vinci Designs, LLC is happy to introduce your answer to “heat meltdown” with our patent pending Cool-it Caddy™. To learn more about Cool-it caddy’s products, go to their website that Fasturtle® designed and optimized, or call (480) 621-5756.

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