Top 5 Quick Tips for Effective PPC Campaigns

Looking to implement a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaign can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you lack the knowledge on how search engines read and index pages, and the necessary campaign components to set up and run a cost-effective PPC ad campaign.  As one of the top rated SEO companies serving Phoenix, AZ, Fasturtle can help you with your PPC management and Marketing needs.  Pay per click marketing has an estimated return on investment of $20 per $1 invested. The industry accounts for $1.1 billion per year, and is growing at a rate of 13.8% per quarter. Pay per click marketing campaigns have helped online marketing evolve into a whole new echelon of business branding, marketing and conversion.  The largest PPC providers currently are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center.  The cost per click (CPC) is depended upon completion of the PPC metrics (keywords, targets, etc) and mirrored against the search engine’s standards.

Here is Fasturtle’s list of ‘Top 10 Tips for Effective PPC Campaigns’:

1. Separate / Create Keyword Buckets for Each AdGroup: For Example “Scottsdale Appliance” and “Scottsdale Appliance Repair” should be two different AdGroups. When you separate keywords this way, you can then cater your AdCopy appropriately.

2. Make Sure AdCopy is Keyword Rich: If you are using “Scottsdale Appliances” as a keyword, mention “Scottsdale” + “Appliances” as much as possible in a way that makes sense to a viewer.

3. Pay Attention to Quality Score: If you have a keyword that is “Poor” quality, consider deleting this keyword so that it does not drag the overall Quality Score of your AdGroup down. Remember that Quality Score has a direct correlation to your AdGroup’s minimal cost per click (CPC).

4. Geo-Targeting: If you know that 98% of your feeder market comes from Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa then be sure to use Geo-Targeting to capture this business. By using Geo-Targeting you can also save money and achieve higher conversion. This would be set up during your PPC advertisement in the settings field.

5. Select the Right Landing Page: Send “Scottsdale Appliance Repair” traffic to the Home Page of your website. This is particularly important since landing on the right page will improve your overall quality score as Google does look at relevancy. People will also be much happier when they get exactly what they expected upon clicking on your PPC link.

If you are considering launching a PPC campaign in Phoenix or another city throughout the United States, Fasturtle can help. Our team of online marketing professionals has over a decade of experience working with businesses to develop digital marketing strategies. Our effective PPC Campaigns stretch from San Diego to New York.  Call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online to learn more about social media and SEO programs in Phoenix or another location.