Top Mistakes to Avoid when Expanding Your Brand

Building a brand can be an exciting process, and when business is booming, the first instinct of many marketers is to get new ideas out there as quickly as possible. That instinct is easy to understand, unfortunately, in many of these circumstances, marketers fail to notice the big mistakes they’re making in promoting their brand. Take note of these major branding mistakes in order to avoid making them in your own business.

Straying from Your Brand’s Core Identity

Expanding you brand is a good idea, but your expansion should never come at the expense of your brand’s core identity. For example, don’t sell leather jackets or bumper stickers with you logo on them if you are a environmental solutions small businesses. Every expansion needs to be aligned with the original principles upon which your company is built. If not, you will come off as phony, or worse, a traitor to your brand’s core values.

Falling Into the Trap of Buzzword Marketing

Buzzword marketing is easy to get sucked into because they often provide a good description of what your business offers. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good term to use. Instead, think of original ways to describe what your brand has to offer. That way, people will actually want to listen to what you have to say.

Failing to Adapt to Local Markets

The benefit of appealing to local culture, while avoiding marketing angles that might offend local values and religious beliefs is extremely important. For example, serving pasta dishes on the McDonald’s menu in Italy or offering a KFC rice bucket in Singapore show you care about your ideal markets.

Brand Names That Don’t Translate

Double check with a native speaker before using keyword research tools and selecting a name for your brand is a good strategy to avoid offending customers. Some brands may be translated into offensive terms by your national audience.

Even though the marketing world moves quickly, sometimes the best policy is to think twice before launching your next marketing plan, avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, and work with a reputable professional to properly and effectively expand your brand.

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