Top Mistakes You Make Trying to Grow Your Local Business

Your local business is expanding great! As you step into the world of branding and identity and develop your social presence on the internet, you might feel a bit lost. Avoid making these common mistakes and you are more likely to succeed. When people Google a local business, theyll find you and be happy about it!

MISTAKE: Skipping Branding and Identity Legwork

Especially if you already have a physical presence, you might not be concerned with developing branding and identity when you get online. This is a big mistake! When people Google a local business, you will want to immediately stick out and be memorable. Good branding and identity planning helps make that a reality.

Before you get to work establishing your web and social presence, think about what you want your branding and identity to look like. Is there a color scheme that fits your business best? What about a logo, or specific keywords that come to mind? Try to develop a branding and identity image that is friendly, trustworthy, and local.

Even if you already have a web or social presence, its never too late to work on branding and identity. Redesigning your website to reflect a new set of branding and identity policies is a great way to celebrate your company and make it exciting for people who click on your page when they search with Google for a local business.

MISTAKE: Ignoring Your Social Presence

Who isnt on Facebook these days? Social media platforms allow companies to interact with their customers on a user-to-user basis. Rather than being some anonymous corporation staffed with unknown people, building a social presence lets you humanize your business. You may have to deal with social media planning and sort out how to handle any problems that crop up, but the rewards of building a social presence far outweigh any drawbacks.

When you set up your social presence, remember to keep those branding and identity policies in mind. Your social presence should reflect the overall feel and atmosphere of your business.

MISTAKE: Leaving Search Engine Results to Chance

Dont assume that you will show up when people Google a local business make it happen. Employing search engine optimization techniques, like including keywords within your content and making sure you regularly update your pages, betters your chances of showing up high in Google rankings.

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