If you use YouTube to upload content for your business, you may be wondering who is watching your videos and how you can attract a larger audience. Enter Google Analytics: this valuable tool helps you understand your viewers so you can tailor content and utilize video optimization successfully. This guide from Fasturtle, experts in custom website design in Scottsdale, will help you navigate the often-confusing waters of Google Analytics.


  • Sign in to your Google account, navigate to YouTube channel page, and click on Views (top of page)
  • For a quick snapshot of performance and viewer engagement, click “Overview”
  • For a more thorough breakdown, click “View Reports” which details

1. Amount of Views

2. Minutes Watched

3. View Durations

  • A high number of views is good, but also strive for long view durations, a sign of quality viewers


  • YouTube breaks down the gender and location of viewers, which is helpful in determining whether your content reaches a relevant audience


  • YouTube allows viewers to share your content by embedding videos on blogs or websites
  • A “Playback Locations” report shows which sites are sharing them and the average view duration (broken down by location)

Traffic Sources

  • YouTube tracks how people find your videos, such as:

1. YouTube searches

2. YouTube suggested videos

3. YouTube playlists

  • Sharing videos across multiple channels (social media, etc.) and adding SEO keywords in tags and titles help garner more views


  • This report details how viewers consume your videos
  • More people than ever watch videos on mobile phones, making video optimization essential for an enjoyable user experience

Engagement Reports

  • Tracks how much of the video is being watched and when people turn it off (30-90 seconds is the ideal length)
  • Within Engagement Reports, Google Analytics details:

1. Subscribers

2. Likes and Dislikes

3. Marked or Unmarked as “Favorite”


5. Sharing Activity


  • These allow viewers to click through to your website or blog
  • The “Annotations Report” details click-through data and close rates for each added annotation

With Google Analytics, you can measure success, create appropriate content, and build a relevant audience. At Fasturtle, we specialize in SEO keywords and custom website design in Scottsdale that is proven to attract viewers and broaden your clientele. If you need help with video optimization and SEO rankings in Scottsdale, please call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online to speak with a Google Analytics pro today.