Using Facebook Ads to Expand Local Reach

Social networks are excellent tools for promoting your brand and broadening your customer base. But if your business uses Facebook advertising you may be wondering: Is it worth the time and money? This article from Fasturtle, leaders in social marketing in Scottsdale, will help you leverage Facebook ads to expand local reach and get the most for your money.

Facebook Features – Of all the social networks, Facebook makes it easiest for any business— especially small ones focusing on local clientele— to reach the right audience:

  • Facebook’s Ad Targeting features let you target your content to users living in or near your town or city
  • The Custom Audiences tool automatically targets clients on your email list
  • Its Lookalike Audiences feature targets people with interests similar to people on email lists


Driving Results – Here are four examples of exactly how Facebook advertising can expand your local reach using the features listed above:

  • Generate Awareness in Your Community

Facebook helps businesses make their presence known— especially useful for new businesses or businesses that underwent major changes. A video is particularly engaging, but any piece of strong content that illustrates the work you are doing is great (a blog or email announcement).

  • Promote Local Events

Posting information on an event is an excellent Facebook advertising tool, but does have         challenges: new algorithms limit the number of people who see your posts. One way around this is to look back at previous posts about events and determine which generated the most user engagement. Provide a link and an event landing page with a registration option to secure attendance.

  • Entice Users With Special Offers

Email marketing combined with Facebook advertising is a powerful tool in reaching the right crowd. The Custom Audience feature uploads your email list, matches it to clients on the social network, and lets you promote special offers directly to people who know your business. The Lookalike Audience feature lets you promote deals to locals on Facebook with similar interests to people on your email list.

  • Reach People Beyond Facebook

With Facebook Ads, you can expand your email list dramatically by driving users directly to your email sign-up form. Or, use an ad to direct users to a recent email that contains information about your business and a link to join your email list.

Without a doubt, the targeting features available for Facebook advertising make it well worth the time and money. If you have questions about what content works best on this particular social network, Fasturtle can help. We provide comprehensive packages that include search engine optimization, email services, and strategic social media marketing in Scottsdale. To learn more, please call (888) 468-8785 or Contact Us Online today.

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