Web Etiquette: What Would Miss Manners Do?

Cyberspace is growing every minute. From websites and social media, to blogs and emails, we are communicating with each other, now, more than ever. The world may have changed since Emily Post defined proper etiquette for dining and writing thank you notes, but going online does not eliminate the need for manners. People have become so accustomed to looking at a computer screen that they forget there is another human at the other end, receiving the message.

When writing on behalf of your company, through web content, a blog, or social media, follow these simple do’s and don’ts for when communicating online to avoid mixed messages, offended customers, and damaged reputations:

Do: Seek to build trust and credibility

Do: Share your expertise

Do: Proofread everything. Twice.

Do: Write with confidence and enthusiasm

Do: Offer new content, ideas, and trends in your industry.

Don’t: Waste time badmouthing your competitors.

Don’t: Use foul language.

Don’t: Reuse the same content over and over.

Don’t: Veer off topic to opinions on sports, politics, etc.

Don’t: Make every word a blatant sales pitch.

The bottom line is, be polite and respectful, just as you would in public. Online or off manners are important and will go a long way in building a customer relationship.


**Please note, these tips were written for those managing content on behalf of a business. Some rules will differ when writing for personal accounts. Regardless of setting, please always remember to use your manners**

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