Local SEO, or search engine optimization, has been catching on now that almost everyone can connect online at any time, in any place through their smartphone or other mobile device. When you optimize your business through local SEO, you are assuring that anytime someone in your area puts in keywords that are conducive, your business will be sure to pop up in the search results.

When you input keywords into a search engine, you'll receive non-paid results in three distinct ways. One is called localized organic, the second is carousel results, and the third is through maps. Optimizing your business organically means you're not paying for your results in Google or other search engines. Local SEO works in a similar manner.

So, just what is local SEO?

When you search for anything local, be it a restaurant, jewelry store, nursery school, or anything else, your results are based on your current location. Local SEO is focused on providing you with the best results for where you are at the moment.

Now that most everyone is connected wherever they are and at any time they choose, you want to assure that your business will be found whenever someone looks for it. That's where your SEO company in Phoenix can be an invaluable resource.

Making Local SEO Work for You and Your Business

The number one thing you will want to do is to get your business on Google Places for Business. When you include your contact information, address and contact details, and hours of operation, this will be the best start for getting found through local SEO searches.

Best of all, you want your local business to be found in Google Maps in that this is where people will find your contact details. They may know you exist, but don't know your phone number offhand, for instance. If you're not listed there, they'll just find the next best place and call them instead.

Besides supplying a physical location for your business, you will want to incorporate an SEO strategy for your local SEO search results. This is where your local SEO services company in Phoenix can help you.

Because there are many aspects of local SEO to consider, you won't want to take it all on by yourself. It might sound easy enough to get your business on Google Maps, but local SEO involves other aspects of SEO strategy that you may not have the time or patience for.

Your number one goal is to be found in the local SEO results. This way, people will see your business and contact you directly.