What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a relatively new concept. In fact, fewer than half of the respondents surveyed in Copyblogger’s 2014 State of Native Advertising Report knew what it was. Several years ago, companies could get away with ignorance in regards to native advertising. Now, though, it is an important part of online marketing in Phoenix and beyond. Because of that, companies need to educate themselves so they can take advantage of this trend.


To put it simply, native advertising refers to ads that are built into a site’s design. These ads are a part of the site’s content. They match the publication’s editorial standards and are less intrusive than other forms of advertising.

Examples of Native Advertising

Sponsored content is one of the most common forms of native advertising. Companies create content that fits in with the theme and voice of the online magazine or website. 

Companies create this content with or without a call-to-action. If they create it with a call-to-action, they do not actually try to sell products. Instead, they use the call-to-action to get people to check out a website or video, or something else to that effect.

If they do not use a call-to-action, they use the sponsored content to build brand awareness.

Sponsored Tweets are another example of native ads. These tweets display in the format that Twitter users are used to, but instead of coming from someone they follow, they come from a business.

These are just two examples. Companies can use other forms of native advertising. As long as the ad is unobtrusive and matches the site’s editorial standards and format, it can be considered native advertising. Thus, it can be added to the company’s strategies for online marketing in Phoenix and beyond.

Benefits of Native Advertising

Since native ads are less intrusive, consumers are more receptive to them than they are to banner ads. These ads enhance their online experience. They also give companies the opportunity to connect with their customers in different ways. While traditional online marketing in Phoenix focuses on selling, native ads focus on communicating, teaching, and engaging. This helps brands position themselves in a different light. That makes it easier for them to speak to their younger market.

Native ads will likely continue to grow as more and more brands find ways to leverage this new trend. Because of that, it is a critical part of online marketing in Phoenix and beyond. Companies need to add native ads to their marketing arsenal if they are going to reach lots of customers.

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