What is The QUART Mindset, Really?

The QUART mindset helps businesses reach their potential with search engine optimization, making it easier to figure out how to use SEO to your advantage. QUART stands for Quality, Uniqueness, Authority, Relevance, Trust, each an important value in making your content the best it can be.


Anyone can churn out several hundred words on a topic, but low quality writing will not get you anywhere. The writing you produce is representative of your business, and high quality content is important in showing that you are a knowledgeable and capable company. Focus on quality content that shows your potential clients you’ve taken the time and care to consider what works best.


Sharing the same information that is spread across the web does not help you stand out, and gives customers no reason to come to you, specifically. Content focusing on uniqueness is vital in giving you an advantage over your competitors. Uniqueness is easily accomplished – think about what your business can offer that nobody else can, and share it. Uniqueness sets you apart.


Be a resource your clients can trust. Authority means you know what you’re talking about, with good reason. Having authority on a subject allows you to write about it clearly and concisely. Why are you the expert in this particular subject matter, and what gives you your background, experience, and authority? Share this with your customers.


Content that nobody can use is, of course, useless, so focus on relevance. What does your user base require and how can you give that to them? Your content should have relevance to your business, your clients, and the rest of your business assets. Don’t publish information just to have it out there for a search engine to index – focus on relevance!


Even if you have quality, uniqueness, authority and relevance, without trust you won’t get very far. Be a business your clients can trust, by interacting respectfully with clients, focusing on user security measures, and ensuring the information you publish is trust-worthy. Trust is built through every step you take as a business, especially when it is visible to the outside world, so keep trust in mind with every decision you make.

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