When is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

June 6, 2019

With so many users on social media, it’s recommended that businesses use social media platforms as a vital marketing tool. However, business owners can see their posts going to waste if they’re not utilizing the best times to post content and engage clients. Here are the best times to post for each social media platform and how to ensure your content marketing is reaching your audience.


Monthly Active Users:1.9 billion
Female Users:83%
Male Users:75%
Age:18-49 (Millenials and Boomers)
Engagement:100 million hours of video content watched daily
Best Days to Post:Sundays and Saturdays (2x the amount of engagement)
Best Time to Post:1-3 pm (most shares)

3 pm (most clicks)


Monthly Active Users:700 million monthly active users
Female Users:38%
Male Users:26%
Age:35 and under (Gen Z and millenials)
Engagement:Pizza, Steak, and Sushi are the most instagrammed foods
Best Days to Post:Mondays and Thursdays (Sunday receives the lowest level of engagement)
Best Time to Post:2 am

8-9 am

5 pm



Monthly Active Users:328 million monthly active users
Female Users:15%
Male Users:22%
Age:18-29 (Gen Z and millenials)
Engagement:Tweets with images are retweeted 150% more than tweets without images
Best Days to Post:Weekdays
Best Time to Post:5 pm (most retweets)

12-6 pm (most clicks)


Monthly Active Users:500 million users
Female Users:29%
Male Users:31%
Online Presence:Users do not use other social media platforms as much
Engagement:98% of posts with images receive more comments

Posts with links have a 200% engagement rate

Best Days to Post:Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (Mondays and Fridays receive the lowest levels of engagement)
Best Time to Post:5-6 pm

7:30-8:30 pm


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