Email marketing in Phoenix is one of the most effective marketing methods businesses can employ. It’s a great way to engage with customers on a regular basis and generally earns businesses a greater return on investment. One of the largest complaints that businesses have about email marketing in Phoenix, however, is that customers sign up for their email lists, but then end up unsubscribing. When customers begin unsubscribing from email marketing at high rates, many business owners are left wondering why.

The following is a list of reasons that customers might be unsubscribing from email marketing in Phoenix:

  • Sending emails too frequently. When you bombard your customers with newsletters and other email marketing materials, they can easily become annoyed. As a rule of thumb for email marketing in Phoenix or any other city, try to keep the number of emails down to one or two a month.  This is enough to stay in the mind of your customer, while not overwhelming them and driving them to the unsubscribe button.
  • Irrelevant content for certain members of your audience. You should keep separate email marketing lists, segmented by interests, not everyone on your list will find relevance in every message you send. Let those on your email list tell you what kind of communications they would like to receive. For example, some want only messages about specials and discounts while others want a newsletter while others want both. Giving customers the ability to choose the content they are interested in receiving from your email marketing in Phoenix will reduce the chances of them unsubscribing.
  • One-time subscribers only. When a customer signs up for a contest or some kind of promotion that your company may be running, it is a bad idea to automatically place them on your list for email marketing in Phoenix. While they may be interested in the promotion, they aren’t necessarily interested in receiving regular communication from you. When you automatically add one-time subscribers to your regular email marketing list, you will see unsubscribe rates soar. To keep that from happening, compile a separate list and only send these customers offers about promotions similar to the one they signed up for in the first place. This allows you to slowly nurture the relationship and eventually turn some of these individuals into loyal customers that want to receive your regular email marketing in Scottsdale and the metro Phoenix area.
  • Some customers prefer no communication. While email marketing in Phoenix is usually well received, there are people out there who would rather seek out information on your company themselves. To reach these customers, don’t send any email, but rather develop a strong inbound marketing strategy. Build a user friendly, appealing website and engage with customers on social media pages. Make sure that everything is optimized, so search engines are able to easily pick up on your sites when customers are searching for the products or services you offer.

To reduce the number of customers that unsubscribe, keep the above in mind. Email marketing shouldn’t be an advertisement, but rather something that people look forward to seeing in their inboxes. Information sent out should be interesting and relevant to the target market, and should be crafted in a way that is appealing and easy to read. If you need help developing the components of a campaign for email marketing in Phoenix or another city throughout the United States, the experts at Fasturtle can help. Our online marketing professionals have the skills and experience to develop strategies for email marketing in Phoenix that work. In addition to strategy development, we also have professional designers that can create beautiful email marketing templates and professional writers that can provide copywriting in Scottsdale and areas throughout the country. For more information on email marketing in Phoenix or a city in your area, please call (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.