You probably hear it all the time “Blogging is good for your business”, you wonder why blogging is such a big deal for a moment, and then go about your day. Well, here it is – BLOGGING IS GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS, YOU SHOULD BE BLOGGING. Still skeptical? Here are some facts that will convince you that you really should be blogging for your business:

According to HubspotCompanies that blog receive:

55% more website visitors

97% more inbound links

434% more indexed pages.

Over half (57%) of companies that blog have acquired a customer through their business blog.

But wait, there’s more…

Do it for the search engines! Blogs are very search engine friendly. Posting regularly with keyword optimized content will attract search engines and will improve your SEO efforts. As you already know, the higher your business is listed in search results the more likely visitors will visit your site. Be sure your blog is associated with your business website (rather than a stand-alone platform) so blog readers can easily access the rest of your business information.

Do it to brand yourself! Blogs are a great way to share your experience. They also allow you to show off your product or service in a less formal setting than your website. Customers may be more attracted to the practical information shared on your blog and seek your company out over similar companies available. Customer relationships are built on trust, by posting useful information that your customers can relate to on your blog, you are building a trusting relationship.

To grow! Blogs can attract a whole new audience to your website. You can use your blog to post announcements, photos even hiring notices. Information that is useful and relevant to your business will help attract new customers.


There are many more reasons that your business should be utilizing a blog, but these should be enough to get you started. Blogging is easier than ever, with special tools to make writing and posting a snap, there is no need to even know HTML code. Get out there and blog!

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