Why Spam Doesn’t Work

Email is a great way to market to your customers and keep up with your web presence, but you should never send spam on purpose. Spam, whether it is through email or search engine spam, is unwanted and irritating to customers – and that is if your emails even get past the spam filter! Spam does not work for a variety of reasons, and there are far better ways to get your information out to clients and establish a trustworthy web presence.

Filtered Out

If you send out an unwanted spam email, most people’s email clients will catch it with a spam filter. Email clients use spam filters to weed out suspicious-looking correspondence, meaning your message, even if you had good intentions, will likely not meet its target. It is difficult to get around an email spam filter, and even if you do, most people delete unwanted emails so unless you’ve asked for permission to send emails, this simply doesn’t cut it for communicating with your clients and working on your web presence.

What is Semantic Indexing?

Semantic indexing is a spam reduction method which most browsers and web clients use. Through semantic indexing, words within a webpage or emailed document are scanned. Semantic indexing checks over these words to see if they make sense – do they read like a human wrote them, or are they just keywords scattered throughout a few paragraphs with no real purpose other than to attract search results? Semantic indexing is smart, and a robust part of common spam filter systems. If you aren’t careful in your web presence, it will most likely be blocked by your clients’ computer programs without them even knowing.

Real Content Gets Through

Rather than trying to go up against semantic indexing and the very common spam filter programs installed on nearly every electronic device, work on your web presence and communicating with clients in a personalized, organic way. Send out information that is high quality, useful, and wanted by customers – they will be far more apt to click on your links, make purchases, or use your services if you aren’t a spammer.

Building a trustworthy web presence will be a boost for your business, and trying to game semantic indexing and spam filter programs is not a good way to garner trust. Put in the work to develop your web presence properly, and you’ll never have to worry about spam filter systems stopping you from reaching your customers.

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