Fasturtle is very excited to announce that with the recent acquisition of AcaMedic Solutions, we have been able to start providing internet marketing services to new and existing Vein centers around the country. Along with the name and services, we were also very fortunate to have added 3 new people to our team in order to better serve you. With the additions, have also come reorganization. We believe that putting our people in the best position possible will result in happy employees and, in turn, happy customers.

Below is a little run down of the people who might have new or changed positions:

  • Wendy Farmer [Project Manager] – Wendy came to us through AcaMedic and is a wonderful addition to our team. She has over 10 years of marketing and project management experience involving everything from healthcare and entertainment to hospitality. She will make sure your project starts and ends on a good note.
  • Ashley Antill [Account Manager] – Ashley has been quickly growing as a crucial player here. Starting out as our Administrative Assistant, she has worked consistently to make sure all of our clients are on point and on track. She will usually be the first voice you hear if you call, and be ready for lot of cheery.
  • Lynn Bryan [Marketing Specialist] – Lynn came from a creative background, and ended up graduating with a degree in Advertising. She has done a little bit of a lot of things so far and only hopes to expand that knowledge and Fasturtle’s brand in the future.
  • Daniel Nunez [Graphic Designer] – Another AcaMedic player, Daniel is the ultimate veteran who knows where some of the terms that we use in our computers have come from. Starting with drawing boards and paint, Daniel has seen the 20 year progression from manual to computers and the emphasis from print to web.
  • Samuel Rognstad [Internet Marketing Consultant] – A recent newlywed and father, Samuel is our guy when it comes to keeping us busy. Transplanted from Colorado, he is a proverbial directory of the best places to eat and drink in Phoenix and is always interested in making sure your business is web ready.

As a web design company in Phoenix we are still looking to expand to other cities and states and will keep that goal in 2012 and on. We even look forward to expanding our team more this year. Check back for job postings and updates!