5 Reasons You Need a Website Upgrade

2019-10-02T11:52:38+00:00August 2nd, 2019|Website Design|

Make sure you stay on top of your competition. Given the size of the online consumer market, consigning your site design to oblivion isn’t a smart strategy. Here are some of the reasons why your pages are already long overdue for a revamp.

Poor Conversion

There are easy ways to find out what’s causing your low conversion rates. Poor design is one of them. Discerning consumers will take one look at your homepage and if they see an outdated page, then that’s going to make them think twice about hiring your services or trying out your products. If you want potential customers to choose you over your competition, then improve the way your pages look. Get a firm that offers website design in Phoenix to help you.

Cluttered Design

If your site uses two or more fonts designs and has too many features or add-ons, that makes for a very cluttered experience. Users can get a headache from all the different design elements thrown together. Eliminate those problems by hiring expert web designers to clean that up. With simple and clean pages, you won’t need to worry about prospective customers leaving your site before they even have a chance to check out your products or services.

Bad User Experience

Design affects user experience. If your clients can’t tell what you want them to do or where they need to go from your homepage, then you’re wasting a lot of your marketing resources. Make it easier for your clients to shop or book your services. Provide them with an intuitive and easy-to-understand user experience. Talk to digital marketing pros and designers on how to set that up.

Unclear Messaging

Assess your page. Is your brand message clear and transparent? If prospective customers can’t determine what your brand message is or if your website design isn’t consistent with your brand, then that disconnect could be one of the reasons why you’ve got low conversion rates. Consumers buy products or book services from businesses they trust. If your pages suffer from bad website design, then that’s not going to inspire confidence in your brand and business. Build trust by hiring pros to revamp your site.

Not Mobile-friendly

People these days tend to go online using their mobile phones and gadgets. If your pages aren’t optimized for mobile, then you’re essentially cutting off potential customers from your site. Improve your pages by getting pros to fix that for you.

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