Best Ways to Advertise Your Blog

Creating an ad campaign and coming up with marketing ideas for products is relatively straightforward. But what do you do if the product you want to market is a blog? Finding your target audience seems a lot harder than it would be with a product. If you sell curtains, you want to target people who are looking to buy curtains. If you’re looking for marketing ideas for your posts about politics… you have to learn how to advertise a blog.

Website Advertising Online

The obvious places to start are pay-per-click (PPC) and other ad platforms which have the incentive to display ads to the right audience. With PPC campaigns, the platform only gets paid when people click on the ads, so there’s a strong incentive for them to display your ads to people that will actually click on them. It benefits everyone for the campaign to work.

But there’s a problem, and that’s that not a lot of people are hoping to find a blog when they click on an ad. Website advertising can work, but there are better ways how to advertise a blog.

Word of Mouth

Social media is the best option for how to advertise a blog. One great blog post can go viral through social media platforms and you’ll have thousands of new readers in a day. The trick will be to have a lot of great content on your site and to continue to provide that so that that one post isn’t the only thing those new readers read. As far as marketing ideas go, however, it’s not easy to plan a viral blog post. Everyone is trying to do it all the time and only a few seem to hit social media at the right moment.

Marketing Ideas for the Long Term

Website advertising and a social media campaign may do the trick to get exposure for your blog, but the real key will be your long term marketing strategy. You’ve got to have an editorial calendar planned, you’ve got to stay on top of current events that are relevant so you can write timely pieces, and you must focus on quality. Use analytics to figure out what your readers really like and are most likely to share. If you want to know how to advertise a blog, work with an experienced website advertising company. They can help you create a plan for your blog that will give your new readers somethin to come back for.

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