When employing web design firms to create websites for small businesses or websites for local businesses, it's important to consider their understanding of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to the marketing of products and/or services using digital technologies, including SEO. While digital marketing can include such things as mobile, TV and radio, the primary technology employed in digital marketing these days is the internet.

Websites for small businesses benefit greatly from digital marketing expertise, not least of all websites for local businesses that incorporate SEO in Phoenix. Digital Marketing perspectives help them to reach their audiences, convert leads into customers and retain them by building brands and relationships.

When looking at web design firms, look for digital marketing teams that comprise of five key areas that must work in tandem to get the most out of any digital marketing effort. Whether you are putting together a digital marketing team or considering how to employ digital marketing activities yourself, maintaining and balancing the following five perspectives is imperative.

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Data Analysis

Technical Specialism

Let's take a look at these five hats in more detail.

The Marketing Strategist

A marketing strategist will oversee and take responsibility for the entire digital marketing effort, ensuring that the marketing effort is time-based, measurable and on track. Whether working with websites for small businesses or websites for local businesses, he or she will need a good understanding of your firm's aims, personality and the needs of your target market.

Both creative and analytical, the marketing strategist must balance the competing priorities of budget and outreach, prioritizing resources and determining where, how and when to use them.

A good marketing strategist is highly sought after, will have a strong online presence and a proven track record.

Fasturtle only works with the best and provides marketing strategy to help you design the right plan for your product or service. We have the resources, experience and focus to keep your digital marketing effort effective and on track.

The Social Media Manager

If the strategist works out what will work and how, the social media manager is in charge of implementing these social media marketing plans.

It's his or her job to engage customers on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Skill in communication is a must, because this person will be communicating your voice and your message to the outside world. The right person for this role ought to demonstrate maturity and flair.

Each social network has its own user behaviors, expectations and rules of etiquette, so it's not as simple as cutting and pasting posts to an array of social media outlets. Examining the person's social media presence will show you their skill in communicating on various networks.

Fasturtle has an in-depth understanding of social media and can tailor your marketing effort to make the most of every social media platform that's relevant for your business goals.

The Content Creator

The content creator provides you with material to build your online presence.

A content creator will work with a marketing strategist and a social media manager (or will consider those perspectives) in order to create relevant, authentic and targeted content for sites, including websites for small businesses and websites for local businesses.

Among the benefits of having dedicated content creators is that having one or more people that really know your brand, understand your voice and know your strategies is more efficient than relying on outsourced workers each time you want new content.

Content can be in form of blog posts and articles, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and many more offerings, depending on your message and your audience. It's important to create new content regularly, because this keeps your website relevant, both to customers and search engines. Quality, consistent content demonstrates that you are active, engaging and an authority on your subject matter.

If you are hiring a content creator, ask for samples and look for work that grabs your attention quickly. In the online world, you have very little time in which to make an impression and hook viewers and readers.

Content creation has become a major priority for most businesses, and Fasturtle uses expert content creators to meet the varied needs of our clients. We are able to provide content for a vast range of media, marrying technical skills with an ability to grasp our clients' voices and deliver their messages via social media.

The Data Analyst

The data analyst can let you know the effect that your marketing content is having on your audience.

They will use their abilities to measure the results of your social media, written, and video content against targets set out in the marketing strategy.

Data analysis helps the entire team focus its efforts on the content and strategies that work, the ones that connect with customers, thus saving time and money on things that are less effective.

A digital marketing data analyst ought to be familiar with major social media networks and with third-party analytics tools. Also, as in the Fasturtle team, those providing data analysis should have a proven track record in data analysis and be able to present detailed results in a usable, understandable, and actionable format.

The Technical Specialist

Finally, a digital marketing team requires someone to implement the technical aspects of the marketing strategy. Most digital marketing tools now require some level of coding, so someone who can work in HTML and CSS is a must.

The internet and associated technologies are evolving rapidly, and a technical specialist will be inclined to keep informed of changing trends and emerging technologies. This will keep your use of digital media current and can add a layer of finesse to content creation and other perspectives in the digital marketing effort.

As with data analysis, it's useful to have someone who can explain their work in an accessible, understandable way for the rest of the team.

Fasturtle is at the cutting edge of digital marketing and having on board technical specialism is a must, making sure that the directives and plans worked out by the other perspectives are able to be realized effectively and efficiently.


Whether or not you actually employ five people, it's important to understand these roles or perspectives and how they contribute to the digital marketing effort as a whole. A holistic approach to digital marketing can enhance your marketing effort and thus your profitability.

Focusing time and resources on your digital marketing will lead to more customers and increased sales, as long as your digital marketing effort is targeted, focused and tracked.

Fasturtle can take care of the major perspectives of your digital marketing, meaning that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We provide support in all areas of digital marketing, integrating the various perspectives in order to provide the driving force of any digital marketing campaign.

Contact Fasturtle today to take your digital marketing, your reach and your sales to the next level.