Email is an excellent vehicle for gathering better, richer data and applying that data to create a stronger, more personal connection with customers. On one hand, it has made it easier than ever for companies to reach and engage their customers with just a few simple clicks. On the other hand, many businesses have begun using these “blast promotions” as a way of reaching customers without actually providing any value to their targets. At first, this strategy appeared relatively effective, but now the tides appear to be turning.

The goal of email marketing programs is quickly shifting away from data quantity toward maximizing data quality and expanding the depth and breadth of data. It’s more about maximizing customer engagement and lifetime value. Here’s how to bring back the quality of your email marketing programs.

  • Think about marketing initiatives more as conversations and less as opportunities to broadcast a particular promotion.
  • Progressive profiling adds more layers of data about subscribers beyond purchase activity
  • Utilize focus groups with existing customers to test branding, voice, tone, taglines, and more.
  • Incorporate real-time or interactive content to create urgency for your customers.
  • Email only to people who have requested the email.
  • Identify the source of the email clearly.
  • Use an appealing subject line.
  • Put links near the top.
  • Minimize the number of images.
  • Send emails from mid morning to mid afternoon.
  • Track analytics at least monthly.
  • Test and retest.

Email remains an incredibly powerful and trusted communication vehicle that enables marketers to help strengthen customer relationships, boost loyalty, and drive more sales. Just be sure your email campaign adds meaningful value for all involved — subscribers, your brand, stakeholders, and partners.

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