Most business owners in the modern-day understand that social media is a great tool for marketing and for interacting with your consumer base. Social media engagement is considered essential by many marketing firms, but few of these firms advise their clients on how to improve this engagement.

What metrics are the best for focusing on when evaluating the success of social media marketing? How can you tell if your efforts are successful? Here, we’ll show you a few ways to provide yourself with feedback – and give you a few tips to find that success, as well.

Social Media Engagement

It’s obvious that successful businesses today need a social media presence, but what should you be doing with your page? If you want the maximum return on your investment, you should be creating engaging content to share with visitors so they are more likely to return regularly to your page and spend time there. This metric – how many people are visiting, what they are doing on your page and for how long – is key to evaluating how well you’re doing with your social media efforts. It’s also a reflection of how well people are enjoying engaging with your content, so keep an eye on these metrics and reflect on them regularly to adjust as needed!

Referral Traffic

It’s very important to get people onto your business page on social media, but what happens once they get there? If you’re doing your marketing job right, they should make a purchasing or sharing decision after visiting. The percentage of visitors who do make some kind of decision once they’ve spent time on your page is another important metric to track.

Social media is driven by the desire to share important content. Today’s businesses create engaging content in the hopes that consumers will be moved to share that content with their own followers. This not only widens the potential consumer audience for the business, but also lends credibility to the referral by presenting it in the form of a suggestion by a friend or family member, rather than an anonymous advertisement. It makes clicking through to make a purchase or share the content again themselves easier for these new consumers – and this metric a key to your business’s social media marketing success.

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