Time magazine listed Pinterest among its 50 Best Websites of 2011 and TechCrunch named the company the best new startup of 2011. It’s no surprise that businesses are jumping on the social media platform to increase their visibility and profits.

Pinterest’s popularity has suddenly exploded since 2011 by offering a new channel for businesses to connect with existing customers and attract new ones. The site is a huge, interconnected online pin board where users can share and categorize images of the things they enjoy.

Sixty-eight percent of Pinterest users are female, according to comScore. If women compromise a sizable portion of your business, it’s time to start pinning.  Follow the tips below to utilize Pinterest as an advertising channel for your small business.

Plan Out Your Brand

Before you create your Pinterest business page, see what similar companies are doing on Pinterest. Decide how you want to build your brand. Will you post photos of your products or create images or infographics based on quotes and statistics? You’ll be less likely to run out of enthusiasm and drop your Pinterest marketing efforts if you have a plan.

Maximize Your Find-ability

To make your Pinterest account page more visible, use your “About” description to entice search engines with relevant keywords, including your business location. Also, connect your Pinterest account to your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), so your customers can choose the most convenient ways to follow you.

Add “Pin Friendly” Tools to Your Website

Use tools (such as the “Pin It” button) on your small business website to encourage visitors to post your content to their own Pinterest boards, which automatically triggers an increase in advertisement and presence of your business on the network.

Link All Pins to Your Website

Be certain that all of your pins link directly to your website or blog, so interested customers will be taken directly there from your business board.

Serve as a Resource

Share content that other users will love sharing. Offer a board with helpful hints, tips and tricks, or useful links related to your industry. Creating a themed Pinterest board with valuable information is a great way to elevate your authority and keep your followers returning for the latest tips.

Understanding Pinterest and its target audience will help you create more efficient and effective marketing strategies that further your overall mobile marketing goals.

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