Social media has become one of today’s best marketing strategies. Yet, many businesses don’t use it or use it poorly. How do you integrate social media into your marketing strategy?

Some of the advantages of using social media include:

•    Discovery of new audiences. Social media will open up a whole new world of potential clients who love to engage through all social media channels.
•    Growing your influence as a leader in your field. You will be looked at as an authority at what you do just by using social media.
•    Target website traffic from many other sources.
•    Stand out from the competition. This, all by itself, should be the best motivator.

Once you’ve decided to integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy, start pondering what you are looking to achieve by doing this. Think about your business’s goals that are already set in place; then think about goals you can set up using social media channels and what you hope to achieve by this.

Some factors to consider:

•    Who is your target audience? It’s not just Facebook and Twitter; other equally powerful platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn should be looked into. Some platforms are a better fit for one company over another; know which ones will work best for you.
•    There are many social media tools available. Is one right for you, or should you leave off all of the bells and whistles and handle it yourself?
•    Create a unique content plan. Every social media channel is different and you reach your targeted market in various ways. Plan your campaigns around what works best for each social media venue.
•    Always be looking ahead. When you want to give your product or service extra attention, this is the perfect time to communicate that on social media. Are you using social media correctly? Do you include a “call-to-action” with everything you post?
•    Engagement is everything. Social media allows you to talk one-on-one with your customers and followers. It is the perfect place to let them know what’s happening, what’s next and what to look out for.

You are looking to impart your company’s value in every way possible. Social media is just another way to do this. By integrating local digital marketing services into your marketing campaigns, you will be attracting and retaining customers all along the way.

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