Building a strong online presence and SEO strategy is your number one priority. Now what Google and the other search engines are doing is looking at more brand metrics than previously. These are the pages and websites which will be made more favorable by the search engines. And this is why you want to catch a ride with them.

Building a stronger brand presence online and getting higher visibility in search results comes down to defining your SEO strategy. The way you do this is twofold: your content and what others are saying about your content. 

Enough can’t be said about the importance of great content on your website. Original, quality posts and articles will tell your story better than anything else. When it comes to what you include remember that there are many facets to good writing. 

Every element of a post, for instance, can be highly optimized. From the title which includes your focus keywords, to your opening paragraph, to your call-to-action in your closing sentences, and everything in between; it all calls for easily read and understandable content that the search engines will pick up. 

Building on your brand’s expertise will help in a number of ways:

  • Niche it. Your business is all about what you do better than anyone else. Pick what that is, specifically, and mold your brand around this concept. It's easy to prove yourself the local expert when you adopt this practice.
  • Once you prove yourself and your business as an expert in your field, then you can move forward into more competitive areas and show how proficient you can be here, too.
  • By showing how knowledgeable you are in a particular field through social media and posts, you’re likely to garner quite the audience. Google and other search engines like this.

Search engine optimization services can help you to build your brand and your online presence, too. Trying to rank well and move to the top of the local search results is a full-time endeavor. 

Knowing Google Analytics and link-building strategies will also give you a competitive edge. But, your time is valuable so leave it to the Scottsdale SEO experts at Fasturtle. They will implement premium search engine optimization services to build your brand locally.

You’ve worked long and hard to get your business to the place it is today.  A solid SEO strategy is a huge boost to your online branding efforts. Make sure you do it right- contact Fasturtle today!