Content marketing is an essential component to your online marketing efforts. However, not all businesses use content in the right way – many assume that it’s sole purpose is to boost SEO and to increase web traffic. But one of your goals should be to capture the leads that visit your blog, which is why you need to make sure your content is engaging.

The following are a few tips to help ensure that your readers will be engaged with your content:

  • Use a compelling title – A boring title that doesn’t convey what the content is about is going to generate very little interest in your readers. Your titles should be short and to the point – the value of the content should be clear. You’ll also want to use language that piques reader interest.
  • Break up your content – Nobody wants to read a giant wall of text – and most people won’t. You should break your text up using headers, bullet points and numbered lists. Not only will it make your content easier on the eye, it will make it easier for readers to quickly scan your content and get the basic idea of what it’s about.
  • Use the second person – Writing in the third person (he, she, it) is a more formal and arguably more proper way to write. The problem is, it creates distance between you and the reader. By using second person (you) and even the first person (we, us, our) you create a connection between you and the reader by addressing them directly.
  • Ask questions – How can you engage a reader within a single sentence? By asking them a question and following it up with an answer. By asking a questions within your content, you directly address the reader and arouse their curiosity, which you can then satisfy immediately afterwards – the point at which the reader will be hooked.
  • Encourage discussion – End your post by asking the reader to leave a comment. You can be more specific by asking them to share their thoughts on the subject matter, share an experience related to the subject, share their personal tips and more. When a few readers comment on a piece of content, there’s a better chance that other readers will join in on the discussion.

These are a few tips that will help make your content more engaging. For additional content marketing advice, contact us at Fasturtle today.