Trust in the marketplace is gradually moving from large, well established brands to newer companies with innovative products and services.  Consumers now trust in friends and family members as well as the general public to tell them whether or not a product or service is good, and no longer care as highly about the opinions of expert figures or organizations. While this shift in trust is occurring in the marketplace, search engines are not moving at quite the same pace.

Although there are search engine optimization ranking factors that greatly benefit new brands, most factors tend to place a higher value on the older, more established brand sites. The following are a couple of the big search engine optimization ranking factors that benefit big brands:

  • Domains. Big brands have spent many years using sound SEO techniques, meaning they have likely built a significant number of links from authoritative sites. Due to their dedication to search engine optimization, they will have formed an authority domain, allowing them to rank across many themes and keyword combinations. Unlike new companies, they don’t have to place as much focus on link building, but are still able to compete for a large majority of keywords relevant to their industry.
  • Optimization Options. While Google offers businesses a number of options for targeting audiences with paid advertising, the options for organic search are much more limited. This is a disadvantage for new brands as they don’t receive the data necessary to determine whether or not they are making progress with their SEO techniques. Certain factors, such as personalization and conversational search, make it particularly difficult for businesses to determine their search engine optimization rankings.

While the above search engine optimization ranking factors do work in favor of big brands, it is important to remember that you still can carve out a place on the web as a new business with hard work and persistence.  With the proper SEO techniques, you will be able to gradually build inbound links and accumulate social media shares and mentions, which benefit your search engine optimization.

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