Social Media Etiquette for Businesses

To reach customers in today’s marketplace, it is essential that businesses establish a strong online presence. Working with a company specializing in small business custom website design will ensure that you have a user and search engine friendly site that will increase visibility and traffic. In addition to a traditional website, businesses today should also participate in social media marketing in Phoenix, or wherever their business may be located, as a large percentage of customers use at least one social site, such as Facebook and Twitter, on a regular basis.

While social networks can be a highly beneficial component of media marketing, maintaining accounts on these sites can backfire if used incorrectly. One of the biggest mistakes that some businesses make is crossing the line of professionalism. Of course social media is meant to be fun, but it is essential that you always maintain a professional environment as social media pages directly reflect who you are as a business as well as the perceived quality of your products or services.

With this thought in mind, consider following these basic rules for social media marketing in Phoenix or any other city when interacting with customers online:

  • Complete Profile Information. When completing online profiles, focus on providing all relevant information about your business. The most basic information every profile should include is name, phone number, website, address and hours. Without this, customers would be unsure how to contact you to purchase a product or service, or learn more about your business. In addition to this valuable contact information, you can also put up photos of your store, products or employees, so customers are able to really see what your business can offer them.
  • Provide Valuable Content. Valuable content is one of the most important components of social media marketing in Phoenix. While you should provide information about your business, customers don’t want to see you talking solely about yourself all the time. Share a mix of posts with interesting, valuable content that are relevant to your industry in addition to posts about cool, new things your business is doing. This will show customers that you are an expert in your industry, building loyalty and respect.
  • Keep Business and Personal Connections Separate. If you want to interact with personal friends on social networks, that’s great, but do so on your own account. Business profiles should be used purely for interactions between customers and professional contacts. Creating separate profiles specifically for your business will allow you to focus completely on serving customers and building loyalty, which are big goals of social media marketing in Phoenix.
  • Avoid Sending Requests to Followers. Sending out requests for such things as birthdays or invitations to play games is a media marketing no-no. Customers are following your business social sites to keep up with you and your industry, so annoying them with multiple requests for things that are irrelevant will only lead to feelings of negativity. Another action to avoid is continuously sending users requests to follow or like your page when they have already chosen not to. Move on, and focus on the individuals that are actually interested in what you have to offer for the best chances of a successful campaign for social media marketing in Phoenix.
  • Double Check for Grammatical or Spelling Errors. Even if you have the greatest products or services in the world, poor grammar and spelling can completely destroy your credibility as a business. For this reason, you should always place any posts in a word processing document or other program to check for errors prior to posting.

Following the above tips for social media marketing in Phoenix will help you to establish a strong relationship with customers online.

If you are interested in creating and maintaining a highly effective campaign for social media marketing in Phoenix or another city across the nation, trust in the professional media marketing team at Fasturtle. With over a decade of experience with small business custom website design and social media marketing in Phoenix, we have developed the valuable skills to help businesses establish a strong presence online. To learn more about creating a personalized campaign for social media marketing in Phoenix or wherever your business may be located, call Fasturtle at (888) 468-8785 or contact us online.


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