The Best Web Design Marketing Advice You’re Not Taking

You’ve worked on your responsive web design, you understand the value of search engine optimization, but you still find yourself struggling with things like social presence and marketing. Here are some more ways to get your business name out into the online world.

Try Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing allows your company to have more visibility and social presence by moving up in search engine results pages, using marketing and advertising. Search engine optimization helps boost your company’s pages higher in search engine results pages.

Focusing on relevant keywords, which are popular with users, means your company’s work will rank higher in results pages, making it more likely that a searcher will land on your page. Search engine marketing can be as simple as identifying these keywords and being sure to include them in all of your online materials. Blogging is a great way to include these keywords in a format that clients enjoy!

You can also use pay-per-click ads, which gets your site indexed fast, and can bring in clients and users with targeted keywords as part of a search engine marketing campaign.

In terms of responsive web design, you can build a blog right into your design, making it easy to find and navigate. If someone clicks over from a search engine marketing campaign, he or she should be able to find the needed info easily whether on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, thanks to responsive web design.

Cultivate a Social Presence

Is your company on social media? If not, you should get started on a social presence right away. Having accounts with popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, gives your business a social presence that keeps you relevant and engaged with your clients and their own networks.

Your social presence can extend to advertising and marketing within these platforms, as well as managing business accounts and pages. Having a social presence gives customers another place to connect with you, and ensures that your company will continue to grow and change with the rest of the online world.

Using responsive web design you can build social media tools right into your website — try sharing your Twitter feed on a website widget, or making it easy for clients to save your information using a built-in Pinterest button. Responsive web design and a strong social presence go hand in hand.

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