How to Select the Right Words: 5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Results

It used to be if your company didn’t pay much attention to search engine results or SERPs, it didn’t seem that important. That has all changed; understanding that SEO is vital to your business will set you apart from the crowd. Just how do you do that?

Consider your website to be a customer’s window to your world. You need them to visit your website, then you need them to take action. In order for that to happen, you need a SEO strategy.

Here are 5 ways to improve your SEO results:

Publish Blockbuster Content
This means blog posts and articles that your target market wants to read, not what you want to publish. Your business should be focused on your customer. With all the competition out there, it becomes harder to stand out- that’s where regularly adding content can set your business apart.

Focus On Keywords
In particular, highly-relevant, short and long-tail keywords are what you want to focus on. Seek out questions people are asking about your product or service, then deliver them up in richly placed keywords throughout your writing. Every post or article you write should have a great title, a relevant description and applicable keywords.

Don’t Forget the ALT Tags 
These often over-looked little gems provide your reader with added information. Using descriptive ways of saying what your images are all about will boost your rankings. Sites such as Pinterest will pick up your images by their ALT tags; so make these as keyword-rich as possible.

Have a Great Social Media Strategy
Search engine optimization services will provide you with great ways to link your website to all of your social media channels. Every time you post new material, be sure it gets shared in the social media venues of your choice.

Track your Site with Analytics 
Using Google Analytics or one through your hosting company, you can see how popular your website is. It also lets you see where people come from, what links they are clicking and how many users you are getting daily, weekly and monthly. This helps with your overall SEO strategy and greatly helps with getting backlinks to your site.

These are five areas you should be focusing on when looking to improve your SEO strategy. Every area of your website should be optimized for the best SEO results. Because it’s the things you can’t see on a website that are just as important as the content you do see.

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