Your web presence is the cornerstone of your online SEO marketing plans — without a great website and associated web presence you’re missing out on a big business opportunity! Whether you’re just starting out, or hoping to improve your already existing web presence, there are ways you can better your web presence to better your business.

Try Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the answer to your problems with mobile and desktop technology. Responsive web design makes your web presence accessible and navigable, no matter what users are trying to visit your site. This technology allows your website to scale to fit any type of device, whether your users are browsing with smartphones or desktop computers.

Using responsive web design, your web presence can be set up with a specific mobile optimized site and a desktop version. It will automatically detect how your customers are browsing and display the right choice for their device. If you have been losing mobile clients because your web presence just does not work with their devices, switch over to responsive web design and you should see great results.

Implement SEO Marketing to Find More Customers

If you are not seeing the numbers you would like for your web presence, SEO marketing will make your pages more visible. SEO marketing, done properly, brings your website up further in search engine results pages, making it more likely that searchers will click over to your site.

SEO marketing can be as simple as identifying popular keywords that are connected to your web presence, then using them within content to bring more users over to see what you have to offer. Writing articles, using keywords in image tags, and ensuring that all of your SEO marketing is truthful and useful should win you an increase in page views.

Keep Your Web Presence Up to Date

Make sure you are always updating your web presence and using SEO marketing to share new information. An old, outdated site is not very helpful for customers and if your site never changes, regular users have little reason to return. Use blog posts or articles to share new company information, sales and specials, and any other interesting new content you think your customers might find interesting.

With a combination of SEO marketing, responsive web design, and news updates, your web presence will be boosted in no time!