What are the Myths About Website Design?

2018-11-26T09:01:36+00:00November 19th, 2018|Design|

You’re finally putting up a site to market your business. Before you go ahead, though, make sure you sidestep any of the following website design myths. Check out the following list so you’re clear on what you need to know.

Minimalism is the Best Option

Minimalist designs are an excellent option to go for, but they’re not the only ones out there, Choosing the right design for your brand and business involves more than checking which styles are popular at the moment. Pros from a reputable website design company know and understand that. They aren’t going to automatically suggest a minimalist approach to your pages, not unless those turn out to be perfect for your site.

All CTAs Must Be Above the Fold

A lot of people strictly believe in the idea that all CTAs or Call-to-Action phrases must be placed above the fold. But that’s not entirely true. If your content is worth checking out, if it’s relevant to your consumers, then they would have no problem scrolling down the fold. That’s why you shouldn’t insist on putting all your CTAs above the fold. Stop believing that it’s a requirement and you’ll have much more freedom in the way you and your site design team will plan out the content for your pages.

Your Homepage Matters the Most

That’s still true in many cases. Discerning customers want to do as much research as possible before they shell out money for your products or services. That means they’re much more likely to check out your homepage. But that doesn’t mean you should put all your focus on your homepage and neglect the rest. Make sure you have a consistent design throughout your site. That’s much more important. If the other pages aren’t as good as your homepage, that could give your client the impression that you aren’t as reliable or knowledgeable about the business. If you don’t want potential clients to check out your competition instead, then ensure consistency throughout your site. Get help from a team of small business web design experts to help you out.

Stop believing in site web design myths that should stay well in the past. These won’t do your business any good. Get a trustworthy website design company to revamp your pages. Contact Fasturtle Digital and let our team of dedicated specialists help you achieve your marketing goals.