3 Amazing Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

2019-06-07T10:52:56+00:00February 1st, 2019|Content Strategy|

For the most part, small businesses take more time to adjust to new substance advertising techniques and methodologies that are being utilized by enormous associations and advertisers. Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve every day. Social media has been a significant influence in business as well, and content marketing is on the rise. It is clear that small businesses need to apply the strategies that these big businesses are using like how-to manuals or eBooks and comparison guides. Doing so will help the company remain significant. Having a few tricks up your sleeve will help you get started.


Consistency is essential in any business; this includes marketing as well. Planning your content ahead of time will not only save your energy, but time as well. Some applications will automatically post your materials on your chosen platform, may it be on your website or social media. Developing a content calendar will ensure that contents will be posted on time. SMEs may ignore this method, but it is a vital step in content marketing.

Synchronize and Link

Social media is not part of most people’s daily activity. It is important to connect your business’ social media to your business’ website or what is called a landing page. Social will gain your prospected customer’s interest, while your landing page will provide your customers with the details to your products or services. Also, make sure that your website looks good. Invest in a good one. There are a lot of things that a website can do for you and your business. One is gathering information as your site may ask for an email where you send updates about your field. Make sure everything is linked as your site can offer more to your customers than the initial product they were interested in on Facebook or Instagram.

Invest in Ads

Advertisements play a primary role in getting your businesses known. You can only tell so many people about what you offer. Even with high content, it just reaches a minimal number of people if you don’t advertise. Some are afraid to promote as they may lose money. Don’t be. You don’t have to go big. Start small with advertisements. Some platforms will even allow $2 of ads per day.

The internet universe continues to change. A business that is unable to adapt will fizzle and die. As content marketing is on the rise, take advantage of it. Create some great content and catch people’s attention and interest using the tips above. In Phoenix, Fasturtle specializes in SEO and content marketing is Fasturtle. Talk to us today about your content marketing strategy.