Why do you Need to Optimize your Website for Voice Search?

36% of all Google searches are completed using voice assistants on smartphones, smart speakers, and other smart devices, a number that is only expected to increase. As a result, businesses need to make sure they optimize their website for both voice and text searches.

How does Voice Search Differ from Text Search?

Voice searches tend to be more conversational and often much longer than text searches. People also use more slang and abbreviated words in voice searches.

How do you Optimize your Website for Voice Search?

Optimizing your website for voice search doesn’t mean you should abandon your current keywords or SEO strategy. You simply need to include more conversational, long-tail keywords in your strategy. Possibly the most important aspect of optimizing your website for voice search is ensuring your website and content are mobile-friendly. More than half of all voice searches are completed on a mobile device so having a mobile-first approach is essential.