Voice search has been around since 2011, yet most websites are not yet optimized to appear in voice search results. This is likely because business owners are unaware that they need different website optimizations that specifically target voice search. Another reason they may be holding off on optimizing for voice search is that they are unaware of its popularity. The number of voice searches has continuously increased over the years but saw a considerable increase during the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders. The use of voice search is expected to continue to increase so optimizing your website to appear in voice search results is a must!



Why you Need to Optimize for Voice Search and Text Search

Voice searches differ from text searches in both the phrasing and length of the search. When using voice search, users are more likely to phrase their search in a more conversational way. However, when searching traditionally by typing in a search query, users are more likely to only type in the most important keywords to get the information they are looking for. Although the use of voice search is still growing, it’s important to optimize your website to ensure your business appears in both voice and text searches.



How to Optimize for Voice Search

Including longer-tail keywords in your SEO campaign will help your business appear in more voice search results. Be sure your keywords reflect the conversational verbiage often used during a voice search.



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