If you run a smaller-sized business, then marketing to customers outside of your area of service doesn’t make much sense. Not only will you be targeting people that can’t use your services or products, but you’ll be competing with even more businesses, which is a waste of resources that makes it difficult to target customers that are in your area.

The solution to this is to target specific neighborhoods. You can do this by creating landing pages targeting the neighborhoods you serve as well as creating hyper-localized content for your website.

Creating Neighborhood-Targeted Landing Pages

By optimizing your landing pages for specific neighborhoods in your service area, you’ll be more likely to reach customers who can be found in those neighborhoods because you’ll rank much higher than you would if you targeted the entire city or state.

  • Create landing pages for each area you serve – Each area should have its own landing page. You can add links to all of these landing pages on a single top level menu titled something like “areas we serve.”
  • Use area-specific keywords – Each landing page should use relevant area-specific keywords to help the page rank higher.

Creating Hyper-Localized Content

To rank higher for the neighborhood your business is located in or the neighborhoods it serves, create content that is targeted specifically at customers within that area. The following are a few tips for creating hyper-localized content:

  • Publish blog posts concerning neighborhood events – Write posts on events such as outdoor movie screenings at the neighborhood park or Fourth of July celebrations within the area.
  • Post photographs of the neighborhood – Original photographs that are relevant to your business within the neighborhood can help boost your local SEO if you use the proper keywords.
  • Use area-specific keywords – If you run a plumbing business and you’re writing a blog post on how to identify common plumbing issues, then your keyword should be something like “plumbing repair services in specific area.” When someone in that area searches for “plumbing,” your content will be more likely to show up on their SERP (search engine results page).
  • Link your content to corresponding landing pages – Don’t just link to any landing page, link to landing page specific to the area you’re targeting with your content.

Use these tips to target specific neighborhoods using your content and landing pages. For more advice concerning local SEO strategies, contact us at Fasturtle today.