Your website is a great source of information. Why not leverage it as a sales tool as well? With the right design, your website can be a great sales tool for your business!


Your website should encourage users to:
  • Engage with your business
  • Search through multiple web pages
  • Contact you
  • Schedule a consultation or make a purchase
  • Subscribe to your newsletter or emails
  • Follow you on social media




How do you get users to interact with your website?

Use multiple calls to action (CTAs)! Include CTAs in a variety of places on every page of your website.



What CTAs should you use on your website?

Use a variety of CTAs throughout your website. Encourage users to learn more, subscribe to receive content from you, make purchases, call and/or email your business. Make it easy for customers to engage with your website by linking them to pages where they can learn more or contact you directly.




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